We are Warriors

You sit chained to your desk every day feeling like life has left you behind in this void called the office. If you are like me, you work in a 6’x 6′ cubicle or something like it. Thirty-six square feet. That’s all there is. It may as well be a prison cell, with the exception of minimal freedom at being allowed to get up to satisfy certain necessary body functions such as eating, shitting, or pissing. If you want to leave the building and experience the pseudo freedom of the outside air, you need special permission, and in most cases, some sort of security clearance. You ask yourself, “is this how I was meant to live?”

Millions of us go through this routine every day. A large percentage of the workforce is made up of us office folk. A large percentage of the work force is made up of what has come to be known as white collar sweat shops, office buildings packed tightly with as many bodies as the local safety regulations will allow, usually consisting of a maze of cubicles in which we are placed in attempt to give us the illusion of privacy. The illusion is not working.

With this blog I am attempting to vent and alleviate some of my own frustration about the conditions under which I am working on a daily basis, confined to a desk and staring at a computer monitor, trying to ignore the constant babble of those sitting around me in this modern day version of a human cattle farming. I am also trying to help others do the same, but at the same time trying to give advice and info on how i have learned to deal with my situation until something better comes along.

When I say dealing with this situation; the situation or situations I speak of would include such things as:

  1. Trying to counteract the adverse effects to physical health caused by sitting at a desk all day. This includes exercise and diet. Just because you work at a desk doesn’t mean you should be fat, unhealthy sack of shit. This includes taking care of your body and being proactive about your physical health instead of just waiting to get sick and die.
  2. Trying to counteract the adverse effects to mental health caused by sitting at a desk all day. This includes not wanting to kill yourself everyday.  Depression, anger, frustration. I know that sounds dramatic, but it happens, especially when you aren’t doing things to alleviate the boredom and monotony that are a staple of office life. You need to take care of you mind and your sense of well being.
  3. Coping with the ridiculous office politics and bureaucratic bullshit.
  4. Dealing with spending every day in close proximity to annoying and ignorant co-workers.
  5. How to take control of your work-space
  6. Exploring ways to escape this work environment for more rewarding and profitable pursuits.
  7. Avoiding getting into a rut.

Of course, I will be covering much more topics concerning the subject of surviving in or escaping from a white collar sweat shop, but the above are some good examples to give you an idea of where I am going with this.

When it comes down to it, no matter what line of work you are in, getting ahead can be a battle. In this case, if you work in an office like me, the battle is taking place across a field of cubicles, and you are a warrior.